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Havana Brown Ft. Veronica Vega – Cookie

Download  mp3: Havana Brown Ft. Veronica VegaCookie Mp3 Download

Havana Brown is here with another new song titled “Cookie” featuring Veronica Vega and is right here for your fast download.

Download Havana Brown Ft. Veronica Vega – Cookie 

[Verse 1: Havana Brown]
They say you got a girl
I don’t care
Is she invisible? ’Cause I don’t see her here
You wanna leave this club
See, I got whips, I got a [?]
Might let you beat it up (Beat it up)

[Pre-Chorus: Havana Brown]
There’s no way your body can refuse
Put that rocket to good use, yeah
Theres no turning back from here
Like a bomb bomb that you can’t defuse

[Chorus: Havana Brown]
You don’t need to read my palm
This cookie so bomb, this cookie so bomb
I go to work [?]
This cookie so bomb, this cookie so bomb
This cookie so bomb, bomb
Bomb bomb
Bomb bomb
Bomb bomb

[Verse 2: Veronica Vega]
Million dollar pussy
That’s what he gon’ eat, ahh
Beat it like percussion
That’s why we don’t need a drum
Gotta be from Iran, that’s where [?] bomb
[?] (Bomb bomb)
That bitch poppin’ pussy while I throw it once (Bomb bomb)
Look one time, hooked, you know what’s going on (Bomb bomb)
[?] yeah (Bomb bomb)
[?] pussy (Bomb bomb)

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