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Aminé – Places + Faces Mp3

Download Mp3: AminéPlaces + Faces Mp3 Download

Aminé is here with another new song titled “Places + Faces” an dis right here for your fast download.

Download Aminé – Places + Faces

[Verse 1]
I’m living life so fast (Yeah, yeah)
I can’t even count the hours
I get a text from my dad, uh
“FaceTime ya mom from the Eiffel Tower”, uh (Yeah)
I’m blowing trees every evening
Tryna numb my timezones and my demons (Woo), uh
A different city every evening (True)
Relationships with family left up in Portland (Yeah), hm
My little cousin tall as hell now (Yeah)
And every girl wanna fuck but never settle down (Woo)
And my best friend stuck up in a jail cell (True)
No matter what it cost, I always pay my niggas bail (Uh)

So fuck it (Fuck it), spend it (Spend it)
Run it, dawg, it’s nothing, yeah
Fuck it (Fuck it), spend it (Spend it)
We don’t got much time to live so let’s hope for the best

[Verse 2]
We in London on a Tuesday (True)
But my niggas treat it like it’s a Friday (Hey)
These days, two years feel like two days (Yeah)
I missed a couple dinners and a lot of birthdays
But let’s run it up (Yeah), ’til we fuck it up (Yee)
Cause we young as fuck (Yee), in Australia (True)
We ain’t ever heard no accent like this (No)
We too hood for our own damn good, nigga
I miss those days on Pigeons & Planes in my bedroom (Yeah)
Tryna hope for my hustle to pay off real soon (Wee!)
Took my niggas across the world and even Magic City (Strip club)
Spend some racks just to see ’em smile with me

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